I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a nice Jewish boy with hopes and dreams of stardom.

I took a couple years of drama in high school, was in a couple of plays and shows and made my television debut at the age of 16 by appearing on the Gong Show doing my famous "Burping Act".

After graduation in 1978, I was able to travel the world where I gained a unique perspective of the world around me. I worked in the corporate world and was very successful in many fields of endevour .

I was married in 1986 (later divorced). I created 2 wonderful children, Sara and Shelby.

I decided to follow my lifelong passion to be an entertainer and producer. I took acting and production classes. I landed some great acting roles and I became very interested in the production side of the business. I have been working both sides of the camera with equal vigor.

I have been involved in community service for many years. As a life member of the Jaycees, I held many offices. I have received many awards including placing third in a National Public Speaking Competition. I have worked with several charities over the years and I produce an annual charity comedy show called “Toys for Laughs” to provide toys for underprivileged children during the holidays.

As a Producer, I have worked several companies as a freelance commercial writer and producer. One of my commercials was submitted for a CLIO award. I am known for writing witty copy for Radio and TV commercials. I am also pitching several TV and film and game show projects to the studios.

As an Actor, I am constantly auditioning and have over 50 roles on my resume. I produce and host “Comics on Patrol” a standup comedy show for various Theaters, Bars, Community Groups and the US Military. I host and produce a local talk called "OC's West End" I have been nominated for a WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) award for my abilities.

I have a Singing Telegram business where I portay several different comical characters such as Cupid, Elvis, Melvin the Nerd, Birthday Fairy, Tuxedo, Baby Nutso, Pink Gorilla, Easter Bunny and many many more.

I am one of the top professional Santa Claus' in Southern California. I perform over 60 appearances as Saint Nick each season. I work for Malls, corporate functions, and family events.

I am an Ordained Minister and perform "Comedy Weddings". I customize a ceremony for people who are tired of the same old boring weddings and for people who want to renew their vows. From Elvis Weddings to Biker Weddings to Southern Shotgun Weddings nothing is to weird or wild.

I Produce and Host Stand-Up Comedy Shows for Clubs, Theaters, Temples, Community Groups and the US Military as "Comics On Patrol". I have a great reputation for putting on some of the best shows around. I work with over 100 comics of varying styles. I have a gift for putting the right comic in the right show.

I love who I am and the direction I am going.
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